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Commercial Furniture - Architectural Walls

Problem-Solving Innovation

Interiors by Design prioritizes offering a product line that is designed with flexibility in mind, recognizing that every commercial space operates uniquely and requires adaptable solutions. Our Teknion architectural wall systems can define a space within a space, address acoustical concerns, provide integration with conventional construction, and create a seamless aesthetic of continuous glass, all while maximizing functionality and cost-effective reconfiguration. 

Highlighted features include superior sound absorption and sound isolation, providing a well-balanced acoustic environment. Installation and reconfiguration of architectural walls can be accomplished without the displacement of employees. Whiteboards and tackable surfaces are integrated into the wall, flush with the surface. Architectural walls can be removed and transported to new locations in many instances. Teknion products are tested and certified to the most stringent structural, safety, acoustic, and sustainability standards. Stop in and see why our Teknion wall systems would be a great benefit to your commercial project.